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Oil Spill Response

One of the world’s most advanced LNG terminals needed an risk management solution based on ICS model, including Tier I + Tier II local response capacity, and specialized training.

An American oil and gas company joined an international consortium to build and operate a state-of-the-art LNG terminal in South America. Such a large, highly visible, and innovative terminal needed a risk management plan to match. They required preventative measures, preparedness training, and the ability to respond to any incident with local Tier I and Tier II resources.


An added challenge was to keep the solution going and implemented during the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic when our old ways of working were no longer safe.

Lamor provided preparedness, oil spill response, and training for the LNG terminal, including having the right equipment on-site and providing the crew with the correct training in OSR, ICS, forecast & modeling. Company personnel, managers, and directors were educated on how to manage and lead an emergency under the Incident Command System model, and crew members and field personnel was formed in the use of equipment as well as how to coordinate with other entities during an incident.


These services needed to be provided even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, so Lamor worked with their customer to find innovative ways to continue training without putting staff at risk. The solution included creating a virtual environment and digital scenarios to allow attendants to take an active part in training sessions applying the Incident Command System, while still maintaining safe social distancing.


Oil Spill Response Services



With an effective incident management system in place, the private American oil and gas company is now prepared in case of an accident. Incident command is responsible for all incident activity, including operations, planning, logistics and administration, and finance.


Lamor has helped their client to define goals to protect people, assets, and the environment. They have the capability to understand an incident and respond quickly and efficiently according to clear objectives. The private company has state-of-the-art and proven oil spill response capabilities at their South American LNG terminal.


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