A State-Owned Company in South America

Oil Spill Response

Lamor helped a South American company manage several oil spill incidents as well as to put systems and procedures in place to reduce the chances they will happen again.



A state-owned oil company in South America faced several oil spill incidents on its main pipeline. The matter was complicated because the spills occurred for a variety of reasons, among of might count the age of the pipeline and in need of maintenance, geohazards such as landslides causing more ruptures and spill events, and a social conflict based on long term expectations and frustration form different stakeholders, reflected even in the sabotage or intrusion on some facilities.


To compound the challenge, many of these spills happened in remote regions that are difficult to reach by people and equipment.

Lamor had worked with the company for years under a relationship of strategic allies in environmental matters and risk management; and being Lamor one of the very few companies that had been granted with the official license in-country as an oil spill response operator and that had the technical, operational, logistical capacity to face this challenge, Lamor was asked to contribute to help and solve the immediate spill problems, as well as to assist in crafting long-term risk management solutions.


Lamor provided oil spill response experts as well as the relevant technology and different types of oil spill response equipment to deal with the spills on site, such as fast response booms, selective brush skimmers, and high capacity screw and positive displacement pumps. Solutions provided by Lamor included clean-up technologies and techniques as well as remediation of contaminated land and oiled waste.


On-site expertise, oil spill technology, and clean-up techniques bolstered the preparedness and emergency response plan, thus, the pipeline increased its response capacity, and incidents could be dealt with quickly and efficiently way, and through proper response protocols for the inhospitable environments and remote locations where the oil pipeline is located.


Lamor also assisted with the improvement of relations with local communities, actively engaging and investing in environmental, economic, and social sustainability. In this manner, social experts were involved to understand the concerns of the local people and how they could be managed from the respectful and proper understanding of parties, bringing clear communication channels and a social plan with concrete actions to be taken.


Oil Spill Response Services

The oil spills were quickly and efficiently cleaned, having the approval from the national environmental authority, helping to protect and preserve the environment as well as the local communities’ way of life.


Nowadays Lamor has established four Tier I and Tier II response bases in the country, which are also supported by other regional stockpiles and Tier III global response centers. If an incident happens in the future, this local presence allows a fast and thorough response, saving time and money, and protecting and promoting the good reputation from the company


Lamor’s customer now has a better relationship with local communities, the company has fewer oil spill incidents and a better reputation, and the local communities can share in the benefits of economic growth and healthy social development.


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