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13 June, 2019 News

A non-traditional approach for Soil remediation

Through our compromise with environmental care and development of sustainable projects, we are explo...

14 May, 2019 Blog

Welcoming the paperless era in HSSEQ

Replacing paper forms, emails and manuals with a single business process management platform can lea...

25 April, 2019 Blog

Lamor Integrated Environmental Response Services

Following 35 plus years of Lamor Corporations continuous investment in building a global service org...

05 April, 2019 TRAINING

Waste Management Services

Providing waste management services to Oil and Gas companies setting up in remote locations In the p...

28 March, 2019 Blog

Understand the location very well before you purchase any oil spill response equipment

I love sports, football, tennis, surfing, ping pong, etc. and I always related that to the fact that...

21 March, 2019 Blog

Lamor Value Drivers and Establishment of a New Business Unit

Lamor has always understood that globalization is a source of growth opportunities, but the explotat...

14 March, 2019 Blog

How to Choose the Correct Fabric for your Boom

Having worked in this industry for a number of years, a question that I am regularly asked is, “what...

05 March, 2019 Blog

How to Use Current for Safe Effective Boom & Anchor Deployments

I started in the oil spill response industry with Slickbar Products Corporation in 1989, building eq...