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10 November, 2020 Blog

Protecting the Arctic from oil spills

Once the far north was untouched by anyone except explorers. Now that there is more activity in the ...

04 November, 2020 Blog

Lamor- A Global Partner

Someone once said, “It’s not how you start, it is how you finish that is important.”

22 September, 2020 Blog

Lamor's latest extended range of Archimedes Screw Pumps and Pumping Systems able to pump ...

Lamor is proud to introduce their new extended range of proven GTA screw pumps. According to legend,...

31 July, 2020 Blog

Benefits of Lamor brush skimmers over other type of recovery devices

Mechanical containment and recovery is the most commonly used oil spill response option. It generall...

23 July, 2020 Blog

The high level of training for Lamor personnel benefits our customers

I often receive questions from clients about training-related topics, like how often does Lamor prov...

09 July, 2020 Blog

How do Lamor Business Hubs and partners network cover all continents in case of any environmental ...

The strength of the Lamor lies in our network. How do our customers benefit from it? 

02 July, 2020 Blog

Why Lamor? Let me count the ways…

Lamor brings trust, experience, high-quality and efficiency to long-term customer relationships. 

25 June, 2020 Blog

What is Lamor experience and expertise in Water Treatment?

Lamor´s water treatment services are not as well-known as our oil spill response services. Yet, Lamo...

18 June, 2020 Blog

Buying vs. Renting Lamor Oil Spill Response Equipment

If you deal with large amounts of oil, it is responsible to be prepared for possible oil spills and ...

27 May, 2020 EMERGENCY

How quickly can Lamor deliver equipment in case of an emergency, and where will it come from?

Lamor´s network of equipment and personnel around the world is a strong advantage to support custome...

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