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Dan Beyer 02 July, 2020
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Lamor brings trust, experience, high-quality and efficiency to long-term customer relationships. 

Since I started in the oil spill business in 1989 the industry has evolved. My career in the oil and gas field began in Slickbar Products Corporation (the original inventor of oil containment booms) and in 2008 I joined Lamor Corporation as the Americas Sales Director when Lamor acquired Slickbar. In this blog post I want to share with you some reasons I have found Lamor to be a great choice for their customers.

Investing in environmental equipment and services  

Like many large purchases in your life such as buying your first car, purchasing appliances for your apartment or buying your first home, one should do the necessary research to make sure you are not only getting your money’s worth, but investing in someone or a company that you can count on. You’d want to be sure that you are buying from an experienced, reputable company that will be there in the event you have questions, need assistance or require additional support. This should be the same philosophy when purchasing environmental equipment or services for your company or the company that employs you. 

Trust is one of Lamor’s core elements. Thanks to the outstanding references gained during the past 37 years, working for some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, Lamor is positioned to be the most credible equipment and service provider internationally.

Complete solutions for oil spill response, waste management and water treatment 

Lamor has evolved through the years alongside of our customers, as many of their needs and requirements have changed.  Starting in the early 80’s as a supplier solely of oil spill response equipment – mainly brush oil skimming systems – Lamor is today offering complete solutions for oil spill response, waste management and water treatment. Lamor provides oil spill response equipment for every environmental condition, consulting services starting with contingency plans, risk assessment, IMO trainings, stand-by rental packages, Tier 1 – 3 support service, disinfection, water treatment, waste disposal and more. 

 Oil Spill ResponseWaste ManagementWater Treatment 

Relationships built on trust and friendship 

Most of my colleagues in Lamor have been in the industry for 25 years or more, building long-lasting relationships with our customers. These customer relationships have been built on trust and honesty, and now many of them are life-long friends that you can count on during moments in life when you need support, both personal and during emergency response.  I don’t know who better to call upon in an emergency than a friend! 

Lamor has many types of customers, from those just calling in to purchase some hose floats or  a bale of sorbent, to oil spill response organisations, municipalities, government agencies and Big Oil companies. Each customer is treated with the same care, dedication and professionalism as we strive to build that long lasting relationship, in essence a friendship.Contact Us

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Global experience with local approach 

Lamor’s headquarters is based in Finland with sales offices in 15 countries, oil spill equipment hubs in 13 countries and over 100 global representatives and distributors. Having a presence in all of these countries, either with our own entity or with a partner, allows us to understand the social, financial and environmental situations our customers are faced with on a daily basis so we can make the proper approach to each. With this globally local philosophy we gain our customers’ trust and give a great feeling of comfort when we understand your local language, culture and needs while providing the best customer service for you and your business.

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