What is Lamor experience and expertise in Water Treatment?

Lamor´s water treatment services are not as well-known as our oil spill response services. Yet, Lamor offers various services in water treatment and has experience in the steel, paint, chemical, pharmaceutical and the food and beverage industries, among others.

Lamor, a water treatment company?

Lamor offers various water treatment applications and services for oil & gas industry and add-on applications for the municipal water treatment sector.

1. Lamor offers a variety of industrial water treatment solutions to keep you compliant with regulations and improve your company’s efficiency. These include applications for example: the dairy industry, cooling towers, drilling cuttings, the leather and fabric dying industry and fish farms, among others. We can help you in process water production and treat wastewater to add value to your business.


2. Lamor also serves municipalities by offering solutions for water treatment plants and municipal wastewater systems. For municipal potable water treatment plants, Lamor offers a variety of equipment and services, such as Legionella removal solutions and water inlet protection booms. For the municipal wastewater sector, we provide H2S removal, corrosion reduction, effluent disinfection, measurement systems and peroxide solutions and booms for settling tanks.

Lamor Water Treatment ServicesLamor Equipment


Lamor has strong expertise in process design and a wide network of equipment suppliers all around the world. We have state-of-the-art peroxide know-how, the most energy-efficient reverse osmosis systems and wastewater MBR know-how. We have also optimised various metal removal plants and gained OPEX savings for the end clients.

Finnish water treatment expertise is highly respected around the world. Lamor is ready to help others get similar high-quality solutions.

Water treatment case studies

Lamor has solved several water-related issues for cruise lines: severe corrosion problems in the potable distribution network, corrosion issues in cooling water circuits and stains in washed laundry. You can find more details in Lamor's case studies here:

Lamor oily water treatment case studies

As examples of Lamor oily water treatment expertise, we provide high-quality water treatment solutions for fish processing plants, deal with industrial oil, and solved problems of oil and grease in the food and beverage industry. Find more information in Lamor case studies:

Lamor problem solving case studies

Why Lamor? We build synergy between water treatment, waste management and oil spill response.

Using an example in the oil and gas sector, Water Treatment services are strongly connected with Lamor´s two other business lines: Oil spill response and Waste Management. The services support each other, and it is an excellent competitive benefit for customers that Lamor has expertise for all these processes in-house. Responding to an oil spill, the first phase is to collect the oil. When the oil is collected, it is processed and reused which is done by using Lamor Waste Management expertise. One part of that processing is removing water from oil which is Water Treatment. In many cases removing the water from the oil creates oily water which needs to be treated. Having a needed expertise in Oil Spill Response, Waste Management and Water Treatment, Lamor provides the most effective and cost-efficient solution for every customer case individually.

Lamor always makes customers’ needs and expectations a priority and provides the best high-quality services. In this blog post we have covered only some of the examples of what Lamor does in Water Treatment services. Contact us for more details about our Water Treatment expertise and how we provide the most suitable and high-quality solutions exactly for your needs!Contact Us

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