Waste Disposal or Resource Management?

Waste Management is just another cost, correct? Well, not necessarily. Gradually, industrial waste management is turning into industrial resource management. We are ready to help you find value and efficiency.

Lamor is at the forefront of providing premium industrial waste treatment and disposal services for our customers. Born out of our dedication and commitment to our oil spill services business, we have now grown into a leading international provider of hazardous waste management services.

Our customers demand the provision of technical expertise and know-how, ensuring that maximum value is extracted while maintaining compliance and providing environmental protection at all times.

Industrial waste can be created in a multitude of ways. It is primarily the waste created by a manufacturing or industrial process.  Depending on what is being produced, the industrial waste that remains needs to be handled in the proper manner and follow the proper industry standards. Lamor provides integrated hazardous and non-hazardous waste management services to a wide range of oil and gas and other industrial clients. 

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We follow the key principles of:

  • Waste recovery, reuse, and recycling
  • Long-term sustainable solutions
  • Utilizing the best available technologies


Our customers come to us for:

  • Total Waste Management Services
  • Integrated WM facility: design, build, operate
  • Soil/Land Remediation
  • Waste To Energy (alternative fuels)
  • MARPOL - Compliant Port Waste Facilities
  • Transshipment of Hazardous Waste
  • Waste Management Consultancy & Advice

Waste ManagementThe main priority is to understand client requirements, ensuring that their waste management strategic goals are understood and reached. We work with our clients to identify their waste composition, waste production and waste generation rates so that we can help them to shape the most professional, effective and efficient service solution. We identify the best available technologies to treat waste and where we can add value to the wastes that are generated through material recycling and reuse. 

We carefully plan transportation requirements, making sure that safe, compliant and reliable service execution is maintained. This may involve the international Trans-frontier Shipment of hazardous wastes via the Basel Convention.

"We work with our clients to identify the best available technologies and solutions to manage waste, helping them to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, boost safety and find new uses for waste. Waste can be a resource!" - Paul Roach, Head of Waste Management


Waste in many parts of the world is now regarded as a resource and at Lamor we seek to add value to the wastes that we manage for our clients. Be it plastic or recovered oil, Lamor works with a range of stakeholders to identify and promote greater resource efficiency.

By understanding the supply chain - and thinking innovatively - circular economies are created and you gain a new source of value. We identify longer-lasting and sustainable treatment solutions that provide maximum resource recovery. We develop waste education and awareness programs aimed at waste producers to reduce, reuse, recover and recycle where it is practical to do so.

Lamor has developed innovative and compelling solutions that can help you to manage wastes out of the supply chain or use what you generate in a more efficient way.

Just as one example, Lamor has partnered with River Recycle, an innovative startup that has developed a solution to help clean the world’s rivers. The premise is that discarded plastic can be a resource. Floating plastic is concentrated, collected and removed from rivers before it can reach the sea. The recovered plastic is then graded and recycled in many ways, including being converted into a  fuel using pyrolysis as a form of treatment. This process cleans the environment, develops a valuable resource and provides local jobs.

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