The high level of training for Lamor personnel benefits our customers

Diego Echeverri 23 July, 2020
Lamor staff training

I often receive questions from clients about training-related topics, like how often does Lamor provide technical training foour personnel, what kind of training is it, or how does it influence the quality of our services.

My name is Diego Fernando Echeverri García, I'm General Manager in Lamor Peru and have worked in the oil spill response industry for almost twenty years. In this blogpost I will explain the importance of Lamor training and its significant value for our customers.  

By having trained personnel Lamor ensures our clients receive high-quality products and services and get the best support and expertise for each service and project with Lamor. Lamor´s clients put their trust in us. Training personnel in every needed matter is one of the ways Lamor responds to the responsibility we have been given 

Every employee receives mandatory training relevant to their position 

Lamor ensures that all our personnel receive training in oil spill control at different levels and specialties depending upon their responsibilities (first respondent, incident command, crisis management). This may also include instruction in ICS incident command system; handling of hazardous materials; use of personal protective equipment (PPE); assessment of impacted areas; environmental and maritime legislation; HSE components; risk analysis; contingency and emergency plans; and operations in ports, oil facilities, terminals and transportation systems.


In Lamor we make sure the training of our personnel is not only on the tactical component but encompasses strategic elements. We develop programs, exercises and practices for Lamor personnel to strengthen their skills and competencies in crisis leadership, emergency management, interaction with authorities and regulatory entities, and supporting the crisis management team.

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Intensive training is custom made for different jobs 

Lamor personnel are trained for their different roles and positions, such as the specialist personnel that make up the global expert team or the managerial, commercial, technical or operations personnel. 

Project Managers, Business Unit Managers, and Technical, Logistics and Operations Managers are particularly trained in the use and operation of Lamor technologies, procedures and specialized services, as well as the management of specialized spill control and response teams.


We place special emphasis on in-field personnel, who are trained in aspects of industrial safety, occupational health, proper use of PPE, safe work analysis, risk assessment at work, use of tools and other relevant skills. 

Continuing education is critical to maintain high standards 

The training frequencies vary depending on the training and formation matrix of each business unit and the needs of the projects. In this sense, Lamor always guarantees the competencies, skills and training necessary to provide our customers with the highest standard of service.


Through the Lamor integrated management system (IMS), we ensure the implementation of training schedules. The training schedules are structured based on a matrix analysis in which the level and frequency of the education and training are defined for each position. 

Lamor is accredited to hold IMO level 1, 2 and 3 training courses in oil spill response for its personnel and customers.

Lamor Integrated Management System

We train not for ourselves, but to bring value to our customers  

Lamor's big mission to "Clean the world" is driven by becoming the provider of environmental solutions for Oil Spill Response, Waste Management and Water Treatment services for each of our existing and future clients. It only can be realised through highly educated and trained personnel, who are knowledgeable about different technologies and service models, local regulations and all necessary techniques to face the challenges and needs of our clients.Oil Spill ResponseWaste ManagementWater TreatmentWhat differentiates Lamor in our services to our clients is our innovation, creativity, support, technical advice capacity, 24/7 availability, and understanding in the way of applying techniques, technologies, and service models. Based on my experience, this would not be possible if it was not for the important commitment that Lamor makes for the education, training and promotion of all its personnel and partners 

Human talent and resources are the foundations of the progress and growth of any organization. That makes it a priority and pillar for Lamor on which Lamor clients receive added value.

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