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09 July, 2020 Blog

How do Lamor Business Hubs and partners network cover all continents in case of any environmental ...

The strength of the Lamor lies in our network. How do our customers benefit from it? 

02 July, 2020 Blog

Why Lamor? Let me count the ways…

Lamor brings trust, experience, high-quality and efficiency to long-term customer relationships. 

25 June, 2020 Blog

What is Lamor experience and expertise in Water Treatment?

Lamor´s water treatment services are not as well-known as our oil spill response services. Yet, Lamo...

18 June, 2020 Blog

Buying vs. Renting Lamor Oil Spill Response Equipment

If you deal with large amounts of oil, it is responsible to be prepared for possible oil spills and ...

27 May, 2020 EMERGENCY

How quickly can Lamor deliver equipment in case of an emergency, and where will it come from?

Lamor´s network of equipment and personnel around the world is a strong advantage to support custome...

30 March, 2020 Blog

Once a response company, always a response company

Lamor has responded to oil spill and environmental disasters throughout its history. Deepwater Horiz...

13 June, 2019 News

A non-traditional approach for Soil remediation

Through our compromise with environmental care and development of sustainable projects, we are explo...

14 May, 2019 Blog

Welcoming the paperless era in HSSEQ

Replacing paper forms, emails and manuals with a single business process management platform can lea...

25 April, 2019 Blog

Lamor Integrated Environmental Response Services

Following 35 plus years of Lamor Corporations continuous investment in building a global service org...

05 April, 2019 TRAINING

Waste Management Services

Providing waste management services to Oil and Gas companies setting up in remote locations In the p...

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