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In the pursuit of new oil and gas finds around the world, exploration and drilling companies are concentrating their efforts in many new and emerging territories. Many of these new locations lack basic amenities such as sanitation; water and waste management. They are often devoid of infrastructure and support services to cope with the burgeoning demands placed upon them, especially when it comes to compliant and sustainable waste management. Oil and gas companies need to manage their environmental impact, and this is where Lamor can help.

Whether a one-off clean-up and treatment or the development and installation of permanent waste treatment facilities, Lamor has the technical know-how and capability to deliver integrated services.

Equador Oil Spill Waste Management Equador Oil Spill Waste Management *Ecuador Oil Spill Waste Management

Our philosophy at Lamor is that waste is now seen as resource. Therefore we look at every project to see how we can utilise the wastes being generated and to develop a value chain that is sustainable and lasting.

Both new and existing clients are happy to work with us. We plan-ahead to ensure that sound; reliable; cost-effective and sustainable waste management infrastructure is created. Innovative solutions are being designed and created to fit around the whole operating life-cycle.

So, what are the steps we take when planning and designing waste management services in remote locations:

  • Firstly, making sure that there is available; compliant; safe and reliable waste management infrastructure to support the waste streams typically being generated from its operations.
  • Secondly, that whatever is planned it is in line with existing environmental regulation within that specific territory or region. If regulation is not in place, then we will work with the Government of the day to help them to shape and introduce waste specific legislation. This can also include assisting authorities to consider introducing similar regulation, standards and practices that are being used in more developed regions such as the UK, Europe and the US.
  • And thirdly, by linking those solutions agreed upon for clients’ own waste management needs we will aim to widen the project’s environmental footprint into other waste management related opportunities where local communities could become more involved and prosper.


Assessing existing waste management infrastructure

Lamor works with its clients to identify local partners and waste management service providers that provide the client with the local content deemed necessary as part of their overall in-country value requirements. We carry out the necessary due diligence on the waste management supply chain and where practicable we can structure partnership arrangements that satisfy the needs of our clients. Future commercial partnerships are often focused on providing the necessary technical and oversight management making sure that issues such as facilities, services, treatment and disposal services are compliant and extract the full value from the wastes.

We will train and develop local talent and impart the many years of first-hand operational waste management on them to build local capability.


Waste Regulation and Legislation

Often waste management regulation and legislation is not that well developed or adopted within these new and emerging territories. Lamor can quickly identify any gaps associated with regulatory practices and we work with all stakeholders in order to adopt operational best-practice through regulatory compliance.


Technical Solutions – choosing the right technology

The availability of existing waste treatment and disposal solutions in many of these emerging regions and territories is often lacking and therefore key to any future determination and deployment of successful waste management solutions is choosing the right technology.

Lamor is ‘agnostic’ when it comes to choosing the right technologies to treat wastes. That’s not to say we aren’t sure, rather our independence and technical expertise allows us to objectively assess a range of options best suited to the waste task at hand. These options also include assessing some of the extremities that can present themselves from being in harsh operating environments.

We are not afraid either to adopt a phased approach whereby we may have to deploy temporary solutions prior to investing in longer term and more sustainable technologies. This approach is often followed in the more remote locations where many external considerations come into play before final decisions are made. We can’t stand still and where required we do have to act quickly in line with clients’ operational needs, whilst having an eye on future activities.


Linking environmental (waste) solutions with social investment programmes

Moves are now afoot around the globe to create circular economies where individuals, communities and industries can prosper when it comes to waste management value creation.

It is this concept that is being developed by Lamor and we are helping oil and gas companies to maximise their social investment programmes in underdeveloped regions.

At Lamor we have developed initiatives to encourage social investment programmes that can be linked to waste management infrastructure development. Such an approach enables projects to deliver on their obligations including local content; in-country value; environmental and social responsibility.

An example flagship social project that Lamor is currently engaged with is illustrated below.


Example Flagship Social Project – Remote West Africa Exploration & Drilling Location Background

  • Planned offshore exploration & drilling.
  • City with a population just short of 300,000 and the overall municipal infrastructure is somewhat lacking.
  • In addition to basic utilities, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management infrastructure is often uncontrolled with little or no organised waste collection and/or final disposal. Dumpsites provide final disposal; however, these are often lacking basic environmental control measures.
  • City cleaning techniques are rudimentary, and litter and waste debris are a common sight on the streets. Waste is discarded indiscriminately which gives rise to pollution and disease.
  • Complex & dynamic local, regional and national politics.


The opportunity

  • To improve the social and environmental well-being of the local population by developing an economy that utilises the waste resources that it currently discards to transform into products and services.
  • To use capital investment already identified for social investment.
  • To develop sustainable waste management services (Municipal; Industrial & Commercial) that are safe, compliant and economic.
  • To provide much needed employment for locals.
  • To legitimise unlicensed scavenging of recyclable waste materials.
  • To use this template for future social and environmental investment in other new territories/regions.


Lamor is using its waste management expertise to shape opportunities like this one so that clients can fulfil their expectations and future ambitions in terms of growing the economies of remote and underdeveloped territories.

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