Once a response company, always a response company

David Nazha 30 March, 2020

Lamor has responded to oil spill and environmental disasters throughout its history. Deepwater Horizon in 2010. I’m not sure you can call yourself a response company if you didn’t have some type of involvement. It’s almost like a right of passage when it comes to the response world (OSR), the gap year or university days of the oil spill response. The ‘just in time’ process that was set up two years prior to this allowed us to deliver a significant amount of new equipment to this incident. Lamor also set up several training programs for the local fishing communities to assist in the response and clean up.

Not long after DWH, Lamor recognised that by combining equipment and services we were able to better serve our customers, this led to an increase of Lamor’s geographical presence and increased our need to automate the management/tracking of our equipment and pipeline management as well as our communications. At this point we were spread across more timezones, continents and languages. Rather than going out to the market and choosing a software to kind of fit what we needed, we got a “bunch of geeks” together and started to design our own management software: Hailer.

The 2014 price of oil drop that hit the entire industry forced Lamor to respond yet again and it was at this point we had to look at how we become more competitive and relevant to our customers in a decreasing market space. We increased our service portfolio in Latin America via some modest acquisitions and added a new service line: waste management.

In 2019 the decision was made to set up The Lamor Foundation. The focus would be the environment and our mission is to support our customers in delivering their corporate social responsibility programs and tackle environmental issues that the commercial market hasn’t or will not.

Ever since its inception, Lamor and the people that work in it have been there to respond to a multitude of environmental events globally. Lamor’s response isn’t always what you may think (being an oil spill organization). We, as you have read, have been responding to how we work, responding to market conditions and of course responding to oil spills.

Now as we all face this uncertain time and deal with Covid-19, it is time to bring the Lamor ecosystem together through Lamor Corporation, Hailer and The Lamor Foundation to help. Perhaps this response will be the most important one - a humanitarian response.

We have set up a volunteer support network using our Hailer software that will bring help to those that need it during this time: https://www.hailer.com/figthcovid19 This is a free to use website and app available in the Google Play and Apple Store.

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