Lamor's extended range of Screw Pumps for pumping high-viscous liquids

Steve Reilly 22 September, 2020
Lamor GTA Pumps

Lamor is proud to introduce their new extended range of proven GTA screw pumps.

According to legend, Archimedes discovered the benefits of the screw pump 2,200 years ago. Even today, the screw pump continues to prove its worth with its reliability, versatility, and efficiency. The screw pump can pump fluids of higher viscosity and handle larger pressure changes with little impact on performance.

Robust versatility for many applications

Lamor’s GTA screw pumps were originally designed for oil spill response duties, and they still perform admirably in those applications. Yet, these submersible screw pumps are multipurpose and are used in transferring oil, offloading heavy crude in emergencies, tank cleaning, bilge operations, pipeline maintenance, and sludge removal; just to name a few.

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  • Lamor’s GTA pumps are well known, but what isn’t common knowledge is their versatility and the broad range of available pumps. It is possible to fit a range of different pumps to the same skimmer, so, for example, the Lamor Multi Skimmers (LMS) or Lamor Weir Skimmers (LWS) skimmers can have 20, 30, 50, 70, 115, or 140 cubic meter per hour (m³/h) pumps fitted to it. Just because a skimmer has a rated capacity of 150 m³/h, it does not mean the pump has to match. Available storage of the recovered liquids must also be taken into consideration as well. We have six (6) pumping capacities ranging from 20 m³/h to 140 m³/h.
  • The GTA pump handles a wide range of liquids ranging from water to the heaviest, debris-laden, very viscous oils (such as Bitumen). Solids up to 30 mm in diameter pass through the pump. If it becomes clogged, it can be reversed to expel the blockage easily. Another feature of the GTA positive displacement pump fitted in a skimmer is it does not lose prime, like some other pumps, when little or no oil/water is being fed to the pump. An oil skimmer fitted with a GTA pump can be easily have its pump removed and used for other pumping duties, if required.


The GTA pumps have a strong debris cutting knife to handle solids, such as seaweed, plastics, and ropes. The GTA 20, 50, and 115 versions can actually reach 14 bar outlet pressure, due to their high torque motors.


The replaceable wear parts keep these specially designed pumps in operation longer, without having to be taken out of service to be repaired, which would reduce their time in operation and increase overall costs.

Lamor’s traditional lightweight aluminium casing GTA pumps have been proven in real-world events and applications around the globe. The new corrosion-resistant stainless-steel (Sandvik SAF 2205, which has a stronger resistance to corrosion and acid than SS 316) casing GTAs and the stainless steel ATEX certified version expands this versatile range even more, to really make a difference in challenging operational environments and conditions..

The new range GTA Ex-Proof pumps are certified according to ATEX Ex II 3 G EX h IIB T4 Gc. Bureau Veritas has certified the actual recovery capacities of the each pump in the GTA series, in varying oil viscosities. 

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Providing the features, you demand

The special internal geometry of the GTA pump design ensures a gentle pumping action that will not emulsify oily water and ensures the efficient movement of material through the unit.

The pump can handle fluids with high viscosity, such as heavy fuel oil and Bitumen, without losing the flow rate. Another important feature is that the GTA pump can be installed “in-line” of various system piping, including vessel transfer lines and cargo tanks.


The built-in water annular injection inlet allows the GTA pumps to work efficiently, especially with higher viscosity fluids like crude oil and Bitumen and reduces the friction in the discharge hoses for pumping longer distances and higher elevations

A second injection flange can be added to the discharge side on these GTA pumps to enhance further the reduction of friction in the discharge hoses with heavier fluids. This has proven to be very effective in pumping high viscous oils over long distances. Cold water, hot water and steam can be used with these unique built-in injection inlets and injection flanges.

These special ATEX Pumps can also offer more confidence in offloading situations as well, where trapped fluids with “unknown characteristics” can be in onboard tanks.

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