Lamor 2021 Address

Mika Pirneskoski 28 January, 2021

The year 2020 was definitely a generational experience for all of us.

However, for us at Lamor it also highlighted the strength of our hub strategy and being globally local.

We managed to continue our business relatively well and were able to reach our 2019 revenue numbers, but also increase our profitability at the same time.

A special thanks goes to all Lamorians globally for an outstanding performance throughout the crisis.

There are two definite highlights from 2020.

In July, we managed to secure a first turn-key multi-year waste management contract for an important client of ours. This will enable us to establish a strategic position in one of the fastest-growing oil and gas markets and hopefully it will be followed by a number of deals in the years to come.

Another strategically important achievement was to be chosen as one of the winners for Business Finland's Competitive Bidding for Growth Engine. This funding will allow us to start developing a completely multi-sided platform business model as well as diversify our portfolio from oil and gas to other industrial sectors.

We are currently looking for new resources as well as partners to help us achieve the goal of creating a one-billion-euro ecosystem. The first target market will be the utilization of plastic waste from water bodies and recycling them to achieve a maximum value add for the recycled waste.

We are working on several interesting prospects for 2021. I personally believe that all the hard work we Lamorians have done over the past years is finally paying off and we are ready to take an important step forward as a company.

Obviously, no company is an island and therefore we shall be relying even more on our trusted partners, agents, distributors and other stakeholders to make it happen.

We will continue developing our organizational competence and will focus in rolling out our full portfolio throughout our sales structure.

This means more focus on waste management and water treatment solutions as well as some interesting product launches in our traditional oil spill response portfolio.

Let's all make 2021 a year to remember and if any of our initiatives rings a bell, please contact our sales organization, or your point of contact, and we will be more than happy to tell more.

The increased ESG awareness has significantly increased the demand for sustainable environmental services and equipment and let's make sure we can clean the world together.​


Mika Pirneskoski, CEO

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