How does Lamor Business Hubs and partner network cover all continents?

Erick Monge 09 July, 2020
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The strength of the Lamor lies in our network. How do our customers benefit from it? 

I can be proud to say Lamor provides the best after-sales services in our field. But that wouldn´t be the case without the carefully created global network of professional hubs and partners.

Lamor has witnessed many major oil spills in different corners of the world: Siberian oil spills in critical icy conditions, the Exxon Valdez tanker incident in Alaska, the Prestige incident in Spain, Deep Water Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico and major pipeline incidents in the Amazon jungle covering different countries in South America, just to name a few of the major ones with very different characteristics. 

We were first mainly a manufacturer of state-of-the-art response equipment. Lamor then expanded our portfolio to an Oil Spill Response, Waste Management and Water Treatment service business line that nowadays allows us to meet more of our customers’ needs. 

In order to serve our customers in any location with the highest quality service, Lamor developed a combination of local hubs and agreements with a trusted network of partners to become a truly global environmental response corporation. By bringing together the best experts and technology we are minimising any harmful environmental impact, which supports our mission to clean the world.
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Lamor partners – companies that strengthen our relationships with a customer 

Our trusted worldwide partners play a key role in our development from an international manufacturer of environmental response equipment to a full-service provider in oil spill response, remediation, waste management and water treatment. Lamor´s partners are companies with capabilities to provide a needed level of support to develop a strong relationship with a customer. 

Lamor stands by the customer´s side providing support and expertise on all their environmental needs. Most of our long-time partners work closely together with our HQ and hubs to provide the best possible environmental service in a region. 

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Lamor HUBs – local entities providing full quality services 

A Lamor hub is an entity that Lamor has created in strategic countries to provide a quality service for our network of customers worldwide. Each hub has local experts, including responders, supervisors and senior executives. The hubs also have an inventory of equipment in their country and agreements in place with other hubs and partners in the region for quick deployment of both equipment and personnel in case local resources are not enough.


The hubs are responsible to support the activation of the oil spill contingency plan and the incident command system. They suggest equipment and personnel to be sent to the site; assist dealing with local decision makers, environmental authorities and armed forces; write daily, monthly and final reports; and issue any guarantee required for the work performed. The hub is also able to write and update contingency plans, develop sensitivity maps, do risk analyses, deliver the latest technology and include additional support to operate that technology locally. 

The purpose of the hubs is to be able to respond quickly and professionally while providing the highest quality service to our customers at any place around the globe. 

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How can Lamor ensure the quality of our services if the network is so widely spread?  

As Lamor’s network is widely spread we have required the implementation of strict procedures along the way to ensure the quality of our products and services. One of the key elements Lamor developed to secure the quality of our products and services is the project management platform Hailer Inc. This is an internal management system that is customised for our processes, requirements and essential needs to ensure Lamor coordinates all of our efforts in the most efficient way. Hailer has allowed us to not use isolated systems (such as CRM, HRM and ERP), but instead we are able to bring all our core and support functions into one place. This is how we make sure the work is done efficiently on all levels, among which are HQ, hubs, partners, customers, authorities and others.

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How to become a part of Lamor Hubs model or our Partner? 

Contact us if you are interested in joining Lamor’s hubs model or becoming a partner,  providing all the details about your company and expertise. Lamor will then continue with a due diligence exercise to evaluate where and how we can work together consolidating our efforts to clean the world.
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