Fish farms protect the environment and boost income with Lamor booms

Many fish farms feed their fish with food that contains oil. They don’t want that oily residue to float away and pollute nearby areas so are using a boom made to contain another type of oil.

In the oil spill response business, you don’t want the oil to float away before you get a chance to collect it. Enter the humble but ingenious oil boom, which keeps the oil in one place so it doesn’t pollute far and wide and is easy to collect. Yet other industries need similar solutions, such as fish farms.

Fish farms often produce waste they don’t want floating away, such as grease, feces, uneaten food, or other biomaterials. In particular, many fish we like to eat are carnivorous. Fish farmers feed their stock with food prepared from prey fish. Many of these, like herrings, are oily. When fish are fed with this type of food an oily residue is left on the surface. If the wind and the waves are right, this oil could end up on nearby beaches, annoying local residents, businesses, tourists, and politicians.


Booms to improve sustainability and profitability

Lamor has been using booms to control oil spills for decades and recently we began to wonder if we could take that long experience to aquaculture. They are very different industries, but the wind, currents, and waves work the same way.

After discussing the challenge with fish farmers, Lamor decided to develop a collection of booms for the specific needs of the fish farming industry. The basic concept is the same we use in oil spill response: protect the environment and our customers’ profits and reputation with a cost-effective investment. Lamor’s sturdy booms do this by keeping the waste together so it can be safely and efficiently managed.


Yet this isn’t just another expense. Our booms can also help fish farms recover value. Some fish feed leaves an oily residue floating on the surface, which can be contained by the booms, recaptured by skimmers, and sold. This is an opportunity to find added value from being environmentally responsible.

Aquaculture Booms and Skimmers

Equipment of the highest quality

A great example of this solution in action was off the coast of Malta. The tuna farmers feed their fish with oily fish from Northern Europe, but the residue ended up on a tourist beach. The tuna farmers use our booms to keep the residue in one place before it is collected, protecting the nearby beaches and giving them a new income source by selling the oil.

We develop and manufacture our booms and other fish farming water treatment equipment to strict European standards. We believe it is important to be close to our customers so we better understand their local conditions and unique requirements. For this reason, we have built a global organization so we can be close to you, no matter where your fish farms are located. Our worldwide network is able to give local service to your fish farms whether you are in Northern Europe, South America, East Asia, or anywhere in between.

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