Welcoming the paperless era in HSSEQ

Replacing paper forms, emails and manuals with a single business process management platform can lead to a quantum leap in managing data and information flow in a new and transparent way. In addition, all internal communication will be in the right context eliminating the most typical daily challenges companies face regarding communication overflow, obsolete information and loss of critical data.

Lamor Integrated Management System

Lamor saw these challenges first hand during many projects such as the response to the Deepwater Horizon incident. The decision was to implement all HSSEQ procedures into Hailer, business software that originally was done in-house. With several years of development, Hailer has proven to be an excellent tool in the management of Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality processes for large organizations and multinational companies. In this digital era, the control and coordination of all HSSEQ processes are administrated through Hailer in a user-friendly manner.

Hailer provides a live database for all system documents. Thanks to Hailer being smart-phone enabled, any report can easily be submitted, including statistical reviews and Key Performance Indicators with supporting documents, without the need for hard copies.

All Lamor HSSEQ processes are easily set-up to control open-closed observations, incident reports, open-closed corrective action requests etc. Follow-up and management of every report are facilitated in a transparent and easy manner. Moreover, Hailer provides a forum for the Lamor HSSEQ department’s discussions, questions, clarifications of procedures, forms, standard operating procedures etc., thus facilitating decision-making and work tasks by maintaining easy control of up-to-date and valid versions of all documentation.

Lamor realised that instead of controlling and monitoring several complex Excel files, a Hailer network could be applied by customizing linked modules and databases to manage all HSSEQ related operations. Lamor management procedures form the backbone of the system and databases are easy to set-up for not only personnel or training registers but also for e.g., equipment maintenance and incident reporting.

The Hailer functionalities bring substantial benefit in incident reporting, where all communication and documentation can be linked directly to the report, thus enabling easy follow-up of corrective actions. Likewise, it is also easy to track back, for example, the discussions and documents behind an incident and the following corrective action.

The complexity of emergency response and waste handling operations of Lamor require very efficient management of resources. Instead of having a dedicated system for equipment maintenance, human resources and task management, these are all available in Hailer and furthermore, they can be linked together and the data can be displayed in different views; e.g., lists, maps or calendars.

In many cases, the Lamor operations are taking place in remote locations where it is almost impossible or at least very difficult to have available consulting or coding. It is a great advantage of Hailer that as the processes change, the Hailer modules can be quickly be modified by the key users.

Hailer’s integrated messenger enables communication in the right context. Discussions can be found in the same tool as for instance the incident report, instead of cluttered inboxes or various communication channels. The person in charge can invite the relevant team members to the discussion, and when tasks are completed they can leave the discussion and join again later if needed.

The intuitive user interface and mobile-friendly forms make Hailer user-friendly and facilitate training.

With transparency in business on the rise, more and more companies appreciate Hailer’s “One-System” approach, which brings transparency to the entire organisation while keeping management constantly up-to-date.

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