Aquaculture Boosts Quality With Lamor Wastewater Treatment Systems

Aquaculture needs the best water treatment systems available. Lamor works with fish farmers to provide solutions to their exact needs.

The foundation of aquaculture is water. Not only does the industry need clean water coming into their processes, they need to make sure clean water is going out. Fish processing plants are under increasing scrutiny from authorities, customers, investors, and the public at large. Environmentally responsible operations are now a necessity.

Water treatment is one of Lamor’s key strengths. For years we have provided water treatment solutions for the municipal and industrial sectors, and now we have taken all that we have learned and applied it to fish processing plants.


Quality bespoke solutions

Every case is different, so our solution begins with understanding exactly what you require. We work to understand your business and what you need, and can call upon our long experience with municipal and industrial water treatment systems to help.

We can work with you to develop the perfect custom-made solution which will give you peace of mind. Our high-quality equipment is manufactured to exhaustive standards and has proven its value in the highly competitive water treatment industries. We want to provide you with ways to increase your safety and efficiency while respecting your environmental obligations. 

Lamor has worked for decades in the oil spill response business and we know how much an accident can hurt a company’s reputation and bottom line. The best solution is prevention, so we want to give you a system that you can rely upon to do its job of aquaculture water treatment properly.

We have developed cost-effective and highly automated systems to treat water from fish processing plants with two-phase coagulation and electroflotation. The electroflotation uses a small amount of power and no added water is needed. While the traditional floatation method uses freshwater, the electroflotation uses bubbles generated by electricity. These highly efficient systems provide an excellent result for low operating expenses.


Oil and Grease Removal

Always improving

Lamor has been in business since the 1980s and has a presence in over a hundred countries. We are able to provide quick and efficient service to you, no matter where in the world you are based. In particular, we have a strong local presence in some of the largest aquaculture regions of Northern Europe, South America, and Asia.

We have developed these wastewater treatment systems together with our partners, and we are always trying to improve. One idea we are currently working on is to change the very concept of “waste”. The biological by-products from fish processing plants can actually become a valuable resource. 

This is an idea for the circular economy, where what we used to call waste is now returned to the process to provide even more value. We have already worked with fish farms to apply this concept to their operations. They have been able to turn a solution to protect the environment into a new sales channel.

Sludge Treatment and Value from Waste

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