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19 August, 2021 Blog

Aquaculture Boosts Quality and Efficiency With Lamor Waste Water Treatment Systems

Aquaculture needs the best water treatment systems available. Lamor works with fish farmers to provi...

17 August, 2021 Blog

Waste Disposal or Resource Management?

Waste Management is just another cost, correct? Well, not necessarily. Gradually, industrial waste m...

09 August, 2021 Blog

Aquaculture Lowers Cost & Carbon Footprint with More Efficient Systems

Finland has been one of the leading countries in cruise vessel  construction for decades, and variou...

05 August, 2021 Blog

Fish farms protect the environment and boost income with Lamor booms

Many fish farms feed their fish with food that contains oil. They don’t want that oily residue to fl...

20 July, 2021 Blog

Aquaculture keeps fish healthy with Lamor’s reverse osmosis systems

The aquaculture industry needs an environmentally friendly solution to help keep fish healthy. We ar...

02 February, 2021 Blog

Lamor's VP Brandon Buzarde talks on Round the Rotary Podcast

Listen below as our Vice President of Global Business Development, Brandon Buzarde, talks with JP Wa...

28 January, 2021 Blog

Lamor 2021 Address

The year 2020 was definitely a generational experience for all of us. However, for us at Lamor it al...

10 November, 2020 Blog

Protecting the Arctic from oil spills

Once the far north was untouched by anyone except explorers. Now that there is more activity in the ...

04 November, 2020 Blog

Lamor- A Global Partner

Someone once said, “It’s not how you start, it is how you finish that is important.”

22 September, 2020 Blog

Lamor's extended range of Screw Pumps for pumping high-viscous liquids

Lamor is proud to introduce their new extended range of proven GTA screw pumps. According to legend,...

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