Successful Oil Spill Response Exercise with SVTI in Chile

Chile web 8

In late May, we partnered with San Vicente International Terminal (SVTI) for an oil spill response exercise supervised by the Maritime Authority in Chile.

SVTI is one of the main ports in South Pacific and their facilities served as a base for the drill, which included the deployment of pollution control technology. The location was ideal due to its extensive facilities and strategic importance in maritime operations.

The exercise was overseen by the Maritime Authority in Chile, adding a layer of official oversight and validation to our efforts. Their involvement ensures that all procedures adhere to national and international regulations, and it provides an opportunity for us to demonstrate our capabilities to key regulatory bodies. This oversight is vital for maintaining high standards of safety and environmental protection in our operations.

This initiative reinforces our preparedness for critical situations. Conducting these exercises in real-world conditions allow teams to gain valuable experience. It ensures that our response to any future incidents will be swift and efficient, minimizing the impact on the environment. Hands-on training is essential highlighting potential challenges and areas for improvement that theoretical knowledge alone cannot provide.

The importance of such exercises cannot be overstated. Oil spills can have devastating effects on marine life and coastal ecosystems, leading to long-term environmental damage and economic loss for communities dependent on these resources. By investing in regular training and the latest technology, we are taking proactive steps to mitigate these risks. This proactive approach is a testament to our commitment to protecting the environment and our aquatic ecosystems.


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