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At Lamor, we’ve worked hard to become the world leader in providing oil spill response technology and environmental protection solutions. Our unique capability allows us to offer independent stand-alone services or integrated solutions to our customers. We also provide a comprehensive range of consultancy, training, modeling, and audit services, which are essential in establishing a robust response infrastructure, ensuring maximum protection of the environment.


Our experienced personnel have a wealth of knowledge in developing, establishing, and operating spill response facilities, as well as managing oil spill response activities in various locations worldwide. With native speakers in all business units and hubs who have oil spill experience, language is never a barrier when conducting courses. We offer our training programs in numerous local languages, including Arabic, Spanish, English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Hindi, and Finnish.

Lamor provides accredited training courses, but we also have the expertise and flexibility to customise our training to best fit our customers' specific needs and operating environments.


As a global leader in delivering emergency preparedness and response solutions, Lamor is dedicated to providing exceptional local service to the highest standards. We achieve this by utilising innovative technology, modern and efficient equipment, and by employing dedicated and professional personnel.

Lamor offers an extensive range of services for oil spill response and environmental protection. We provide custom training, contingency planning, design and facilitation of drills and exercises, tailored equipment packages, and set-up and management of Tier 1 & 2 stockpiles and emergency response facilities worldwide.

Our expertise goes beyond emergency response and hazardous waste management. Our comprehensive services include accredited oil spill response training, approved by the Nautical Institute (UK), as well as HNS training in accordance with IMO guidelines. Drawing from years of hands-on response experience, our courses blend theory with practical training.

“As a leader in the delivery of emergency preparedness and response solutions, Lamor’s focus is always on providing a strong local service to the highest standards, utilising innovative technology, modern efficient equipment and dedicated professional employees,” says Zal Rustom, Head of Pollution Control at Lamor.


With offices, joint ventures, and alliances worldwide, we combine local knowledge with the strengths of a major international company. This enables us to provide tailored solutions to our customers, wherever they might be, while maintaining the highest level of quality. Indeed, our commitment to quality is reflected in our ISO 9001, 14001, and OSHAS 18001 certifications.

Lamor's training courses are based on years of hands-on experience dealing with crises around the world. This provides our trainers with unique expertise to tailor courses to meet specific customer needs and ensures attendees will gain the maximum benefit from participating in our courses.

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