Lamor’s response to the war in Ukraine

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Lamor Corporation Plc         News        17 July 2023

Lamor operates globally together with its local partners to clean the world. Lamor's Codes of Conduct defines our commitment to sustainable development, responsible business conduct and compliance with laws and regulations.

The war in Ukraine, that has continued for over 500 days, has shocked Lamor and the Lamorians. The war is a clear violation of international law and principles of human rights. Lamor as a company fully condemns the illegal attack by Russia to Ukraine.

As a result of Russia's military actions against Ukraine, Lamor Corporation and all its controlled legal entities have ceased all business operations with Russian parties from the beginning of March 2022. Lamor Corporation or entities controlled by it no longer sell any technologies, services or solutions to Russia or has any financial transactions from or to Russia. Furthermore, Lamor Corporation or entities controlled by it do not have manufacturing in Russia or export any goods, raw materials, or technologies from Russia.

We at Lamor are committed to support Ukraine and the people of Ukraine in their efforts to rebuild the country. Our team works in close co-operation to find ways to restore the environment of Ukraine.

We are saddened by the lives lost and the environmental damages caused in Ukraine and to the Black Sea. We stand by our Ukrainian employees and the Ukrainian people, hoping for a fast resolution and a lasting peace.

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Mika Pirneskoski, CEO, Lamor Corporation Plc

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Lamor is one of the leading global providers of environmental solutions. Lamor provides its customers with versatile environmental protection and material recycling solutions and services, such as clean-up and preparedness services related to oil spill response and environmental incidents, services for the treatment of waste, recycling of plastics, and tailored and adapted soil and water treatment solutions. Lamor operates together with its local partners, offering a wide selection of solutions, which can be tailored according to the needs of each customer, and aiming to clean the world for which the company has worked since its incorporation. The company's share is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market Finland marketplace maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki under the trading code LAMOR. Further information: 

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