Lamor's OPRC Level 3 Training in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Lamor organized a specialized IMO Training - OPRC Level 3 in Buenos Aires for Horamar Shipping Company, member of the Navios South American Logistics Inc.. Seventeen participants, including Maritime Authority members, gained practical skills for handling marine incidents. This initiative highlights Lamor's commitment to enhancing clients like Horamar for safer maritime operations.

In the middle of May, Lamor organized a specialized training session in Buenos Aires focusing on IMO Training - OPRC Level 3 for Horamar Shipping, a maritime shipping company based in Argentina. Certified Instructor Diego Echeverri led the program, with support from Lamor staff Jose Cordova and Anthuanet Calderon. Seventeen key attendees, including Maritime Authority representatives, participated in the program.

This training equipped participants with advanced skills and knowledge required to effectively respond to and manage oil pollution incidents at the operational level, ensuring compliance with international regulations and promoting environmental protection in maritime operations.

During the three days, participants engaged in several workshops, tabletop exercises, and technical assessments using modeling and trajectory tools, clean-up manuals, environmental assessment techniques, and other innovative academic material.

This relevant training is part of a long-term program prepared by Lamor to enhance the preparedness and response capacity of Horamar and all its operations. Lamor is committed to helping clients with personalized training, enabling them to handle maritime challenges confidently while prioritizing safety and sustainability.


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