Lamor’s oil spill recovery technology helps secure the emptying of the oil stored in a Red Sea supertanker FSO Safer

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The UN-led project to prevent a massive oil spill from the FSO Safer supertanker off Yemen’s Red Sea coast is happening. The target is to remove more than a million barrels of oil from the decaying vessel and prevent an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe.

The FSO Safer supertanker has been moored nine kilometers off the coast of Yemen since 1987. It is used for storing oil and contains an estimated 1.14 million barrels of light crude.

The conflict in Yemen means there has been no maintenance on the 47year old ship for years. Its structural integrity is compromised, and it is deteriorating rapidly. There is a serious risk the vessel could be struck by a floating mine, spontaneously explode or break apart at any moment.

To secure the project in the event of oil spills during the operation, UN Development Programme ordered oil spill recovery technology from Lamor. From three different stockpile locations, we delivered a dozen skimmer systems, power packs including pumps, two dozens of oil booms, and accessories for near-shore use.

Everyone at Lamor is wishing a safe and successful project for UNDP and its partners on site!

Photo: A typical OSR container being loaded with Lamor's OSR technology for transportation to a site

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