Lamor supports EMSA in organising an Oil Spill Response Training in the Netherlands

EMSA training werkendam Web 4

European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), with technical support from Lamor, conducted a practical training course for equipment operators from various EU/EFTA Member States in late May. The event aimed to enhance the skills and readiness of operators to respond to oil spills efficiently.

EMSA, with technical support from Lamor, recently organised a hands-on training course for equipment operators from EU/EFTA Member States in Werkendam, the Netherlands. The event spanned three days and included participants from Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

During the training, under the guidance of the trainers from Lamor and EMSA, representatives from the participating countries were trained on the use of selected oil spill response technologies that are part of EMSA’s Equipment Assistance Service (EAS). This training was an excellent opportunity for member states to practice using the equipment, ensuring that there will be trained personnel and equipment ready to handle cleanups in case of an oil spill.

The EAS includes stand-alone oil pollution response equipment stockpiles strategically located across Europe. The EAS equipment is on stand-by and ready to be mobilised around the clock to any location in European waters and shared sea basins.

Training sessions like these are an efficient way to test equipment conditions and improve skills in a safe, controlled environment prior to real accidents. They provide a good opportunity for operational stakeholders, including those involved in transportation and deployment services, to test and train with the new stockpile.

Training with professionals from different organisations and countries allows participants to refine their methods and ways of working to ensure safety and efficiency. Lamor conducted the training successfully, and received very positive feedback from both EMSA and the participants.


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