Lamor Improves Customer Service Level in Norway

Lamor improves customer service level in norway

Lamor Corporation increased its efforts to serve customers in Norway by establishing a Norwegian office in January 2022. The local Lamor office is located in Straume, Bergen area, west coast of Norway.

Lamor has had for many years a good dialogue and recurring projects with the Norwegian coast guard, Kystverket, regarding Lamor Oil Spill Response solutions, and many Norwegian shipowners have Lamor equipment onboard their vessels. With this increase in local customer support, Lamor hopes to serve both existing and new customers better in the local Norwegian market.

“Lamor has a lot to offer for the Norwegian market, not only with the oil spill response solutions but also with solutions for the aquaculture sector, such as water treatment solutions to treat farmed salmon, as well as waste management services for the industrial sector. Lamor is in a strong growth phase, and I am very happy that the Norway market is on the focus list for Lamor” says Tor-Fredrik Friis, Head of Sales for Lamor in Norway.

“The ongoing pandemic has forced businesses to dial back on face-to-face interaction with customers, but at the same time, both customers and companies really hope for things to normalize and interaction to resume. Being local in a major market like Norway is the best way for all parties.” Added Magnus Miemois, COO of Lamor.

Lamor contact details in Norway are:

Lamor Corporation
Tor-Fredrik Friis
Trollhaugmyra 15
5353 Straume
Tel. +4799573939

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