Lamor Chile achieves oil spill response qualification for Valparaíso region: a milestone in environmental protection

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Lamor Chile is delighted to announce that we have obtained qualification as an Oil Spill Response company for the Valparaíso region.

The Valparaíso region, with its breathtaking coastal beauty and vibrant marine life, is a vital part of Chile's natural heritage. Recognizing the need to safeguard this pristine environment from potential oil spills, Lamor Chile embarked on a journey to attain OSR qualification. This qualification not only reflects our capability but also serves as a commitment to playing an active role in preserving Chile's coastal and marine environment.

This initial milestone signifies the outcome of diligent efforts, dedication, and a strong commitment to safeguarding our marine and coastal ecosystems.

We are committed to continuing to work tirelessly to maintain and exceed the highest standards in spill response, thereby making a positive contribution to Chile’s welfare and the preservation of its marine environment.

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