Lamor at COP28: Navigating the path to a sustainable future

Lamor at COP28

We proudly joined forces with the global leaders of the green transition at COP28 in Dubai. This pivotal event marks a crucial moment for the world to assess progress on the Paris Agreement.

As a key participant in the Finnish delegation at the Finland Pavilion, we positioned ourselves at the heart of the climate conversation. We are enthusiastic about actively engaging in discussions, sharing our insights, and collaborating on sustainable solutions. COP28 provided us with a unique platform to showcase our commitment to building a sustainable future.

Lamor with Petteri Orpo

Our team had the privilege of connecting with like-minded professionals, participating in meaningful conversations about climate action, and fostering valuable relationships with global stakeholders.

The Finnish Independence Day celebration on 6.12 further strengthened our bonds with fellow delegates, emphasizing the collective responsibility we bear for our planet.

At Lamor, we firmly believe that the environmental challenges of one are the challenges of us all. We recognize that the world cannot clean itself, and we cannot clean it alone. However, by uniting our efforts, we can create a cleaner tomorrow for the benefit of future generations.

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