Lamor Africa Business Partners Conference: Uniting professionals across the continent

Cape Town team

The Lamor Africa Business Partners Conference in Cape Town concluded after three inspiring days in mid-February 2024, where professionals from across Africa connected and shared insights.

In the middle of February, we wrapped up an incredible three days at the Lamor Africa Business Partners Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. It was an inspiring event to connect with professionals from across Africa, sharing insights and experiences in our businesses and deepen our collaboration.

From informative sessions on environmental protection to discussions on service and training excellence, remediation, water business, and effective sales and marketing strategies for Lamor products and services, we've gained knowledge to drive our business forward.

Our CEO Johan Grön underscored our commitment to being a trusted global partner, emphasizing our performance-driven approach. Meanwhile, our CSO Johanna Grönroos highlighted the significance of sustainability and ethical conduct, emphasizing the positive impact Lamor makes.

Huge thanks to the dedicated Lamor Africa team and our colleagues from around the globe for making this event a success!

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