Lamor achieves a major Health and Safety Milestone in Guyana

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Our Georgetown, Guyana joint-venture Sustainable Environmental Solutions (SES) has reached the milestone of two full years LTI (Lost Time Injury) free.

Two years without injuries in any industrial facility is a remarkable achievement – made even more so when the operation is a 24/7, 365 days per year highly technical and complex integrated hazardous waste management facility serving the oil and gas production sector in Guyana.

Under the watchful eye of our Client, ExxonMobil Guyana, SES has managed to continue to provide frontline daily services without any incident, harm, or injury to its workforce.

Employing close to 100 personnel, the facility provides integrated waste and recycling treatment services, together with tank cleaning for vessels. Agile and responsive site management continue to put the welfare and safety of its employees first, making sure that regular HSE training and supervision is always followed. Weekly Health & Safety stand down sessions are rigorously followed, and the operation has a well-documented integrated management system that clearly defines site policies and procedures, thus making health and safety decision-making clear and concise.

SES celebrating 2 LTI-free years
SES celebrating 2 LTI-free years

As Paul Roach, Head of Material Recycling Services at Lamor and a Director of the SES operating company, highlights, the facility has an important role to play in the region in increasing the management and recycling of waste materials being generated by the oil and gas sector. “We are able to manage our clients’ waste efficiently and safely, helping them to achieve environmental compliance whilst at the same time protecting and safeguarding its local employees. The safety of our workforce is paramount and we will continue to put them first when operating the facilities”.

Lamor aims to be a safe, equal and attractive place to work for all employees and partners.

Supporting Information

Sustainable Environmental Solutions (SES) Guyana Inc is a Joint Venture created by Lamor Corporation and consists of its local Guyanese partner, GAICO Construction, together with Guyana Shorebase Inc (GYSBI), and was created to design, build and operate an integrated hazardous waste management facility (IWMF) under contract to ExxonMobil Guyana.

Situated at the ExxonMobil GYSBI Shorebase in Houston, Georgetown, Guyana, the facility incorporates a range of waste treatment technologies to safely receive and treat all ExxonMobil Guyana offshore generated wastes, together with other hazardous and non-hazardous wastes from the local supply chain.

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