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Lamor's latest extended range of Archimedes Screw Pumps and Pumping Systems

Lamor is proud to introduce their new extended range of proven GTA screw pumps.


The submersible screw pumps are multipurpose and are used in transferring oil, offloading heavy crude in emergencies, tank cleaning, bilge operations, pipeline maintenance, and sludge removal, and other cases. 


Lamor’s GTA screw pumps were originally designed for challenging oil spill response duties, and they have been on hundreds of actual oil spills, continuously making a huge difference to the overall responses; many times in extreme weather and environmental conditions.


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The unique submersible screw pumps are truly multipurpose and have also been successful in transferring viscous oil from large storage tanks, offloading heavy crude and trapped oil in marine salvage events, pumping out liquid during tank cleaning, bilge and cargo offloading, bitumen and sludge removal, waste water transfer, API Separators, ports and harbors and military operations, shipyards, onboard vessels in piping systems and cargo tanks, handling viscous fluids in the food industry, and others.


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