Our Network

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something

Our network consists of companies that share our values and support our mission to clean the world. The network companies have one or more of the following attributes


Co-branded companies.

Lamor has a shareholding.

The company is a spin off from Lamor.

The technology is integrated into our offering.

The services are integrated into our offering.

Hailer circle logo

Rihkamatori 2, 06100 Porvoo Finland

Hailer Oy

Hailer is designed to organise anything from small tasks to international operations. Despite the powerful features its as easy to use as sending a text message on your phone

In Lamor we are constantly improving our management system to make life easier for all involved. This is why we originally started creating Hailer as an inhouse project. Today all our processes run on Hailer

CCI fb circle logo

Niittylänpolku 16, 00620 Helsinki Finland


Corrosion Control International

CCI Offers state of the art corrosion protection for structures in the splash zone, or the area around normal water surface level.

Lamor does project management as well as sales support for CCI

RR LOGO circle big

Mikonkatu 9, 00100 Helsinki Finland

Riverrecycle Ltd.

RiverRecycle  turns an ecological catastrophe into a sustainable business. This is an innovative company that cleans the rivers, recycles the plastic and provides waste management services.


Lamor works together with RiverRecycle to develop technical solutions and utilise the knowledge both have to clean the world.


Rihkamatori 2, 06100 Porvoo Finland



Cospace is a modern coworking facility in the heart of Porvoo, where all companies are welcome to work. The welcoming atmosphare and inspirational people make it the perfect place to companies in all fields to meet and mutually benefit from the knowhow of one another

Lamors Headquarters is Cospace and Cospace is Lamors Headquarters. Its in Lamors DNA to network and Cospace is the perfect physical platform for networking.