Lamor wins a contract for five Oil Spill Response Boom containers to Croatia

Lamor oil spill response boom container being prepared

Lamor Corporation Plc             Press release 14 May 2024 at 11:00 a.m. EEST

Lamor wins a contract for five Oil Spill Response Boom containers to Croatia

Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure in Croatia has placed an order with Lamor for five boom containers, with a total value of approximately one million euros. These booms compliment the previously delivered three boom containers, spanning the total length of booms to 4 kilometres. Booms will be used in case of maritime incident involving oil spill to restrict the spill’s spread for easier recovery, thus securing the Croatian sea areas and coastlines from pollution.

Croatia locates in the Eastern banks of the Adriatic Sea. Especially in the summer months, the region is a highly popular and loved destination of many boats and cruise vessels. In case of an average at sea, there is always a risk of oil spill from a damaged vessel present. Should an oil spill occur and spread uncontrolled, it could cause serious harm to Croatian waters and environment, thus also damaging the local tourist industry. Therefore, the Republic of Croatia has risen its preparedness capabilities with the order of new oil spill response equipment.

“Lamor has decades of experience in innovation and know-how of oil spill response technology and prevention. We are happy to support Croatia in protecting the sea from pollution with means for intervention in case of environmental incidents”, tells Lamor’s Sales Manager Javier Perez. "Lamor is looking forward to being a reliable partner for Croatia in environmental protection and to enhancing the country's preparedness, enabling a rapid response to potential oil spills."

In 2023, Lamor supplied three similar boom containers, including 1.5 km of booms, followed by the new order for another 2.5 km of booms. Together, the orders total to 1.5 million euros. The new order is entered into Lamor’s order backlog on the second quarter of 2024.

The HDB-N booms are packed into 20-feet containers and placed in government bases along the coast. They will be delivered in September.

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