Lamor and Metocean to collaborate on data driven trajectory tracking of marine pollution

Lamor has entered into a collaboration agreement with MetOcean Telematics, a Canadian company providing innovative full-spectrum telemetry products, options, and solutions for Environment, Marine, Defence, and Security clients. The aim of the collaboration is to further improve Lamor’s capabilities to provide a wider range of environmental preparedness solutions for its customers.
Through collaboration, Lamor utilizes the MetOcean drifting sensors, the Stokes Drifter and iSphere, to enhance tactical response abilities by using trajectory data in real-time sea conditions. The drifter sensors collect and transmit MetOcean data such as location and sea temperature. With this information, incident command can determine more accurate spill response tactics and thus minimize environmental impact. The re-usable drifter sensors are typically deployed in clusters from vessels or helicopters.

Picture 2Lamor is already currently utilizing spill trajectory software in its oil spill response services and drifter sensor data can be used to enhance the accuracy of spill trajectory simulations and to improve the understanding of specific areas of critical consequence interest, such as archipelago, narrow straits, or locations with specific sea conditions.

“Response operations are always a battle against time and changing conditions. With more accurate input we will have better situational awareness and can improve the outcome of incident command decisions. The co-operation will support our goal to provide comprehensive environmental preparedness solutions for our customers”, says Magnus Miemois, Chief Commercial Officer of Lamor.

“We are thrilled to be working with Lamor and further enhancing its world-class oil spill response offering. By leveraging real-time, in-situ data collected by MetOcean’s drifting sensors, we’re confident Lamor, its clients, and the wider industry will see increased efficiencies and effectiveness in oil spill response operations”, says Kyle MacInnis, Business Development Manager.

The addition of the drifter sensors to Lamor’s broad portfolio of equipment and solutions for Oil Spill Response is a natural step in the company’s ambition to provide comprehensive solutions to its customers enabling them to be even better prepared to avoid environmental incidents.

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