Oil Transfer Pump C 75 H

The unique design of the hydraulic oil transfer pump C 75 H is ideal for multiple oil recovery applications for light and heavy viscous oils, petroleum industry products, slurries, and dirty water. The C 75 pump can be utilized with a wide variety of oil recovery equipment and skimmers. The C 75 H is made from light-weight sea water-resistant aluminum and is easily transportable due to its aluminum frame. It is well suited to a variety of demanding site conditions and oil recovery operations. The C 75 characteristics include automatic self-priming and indefinite dry-running. Its excellent air handling capabilities and double diaphragm induced flow design guarantee rapid and reliable results. The oil transfer pump is equipped with a 3″ suction (male) and 3″ discharge (male) connections. This suction type pump is efficient to pump oils and other materials up to 5000 CST. Hydraulic connectors: Tema 1/2″, male/female 5011 pressure 5021 return.

Technical Specifications
Item ID
500 mm / 20 in
600 mm / 24 in
520 mm / 20.5 in
90 kg / 198 lbs
31 m³/h* / 136 gpm*
Hydraulic flow (skimmer)
25 l/min / 6.6 gpm
Hydraulic pressure
100 bar / 1450 psi
Discharge pressure
4 bar / 58 psi
3 kW / 5 hp
Solids handling
6 mm / 0.23 in
Special Features

Light-weight and transportable

Multipurpose usage for various oil recovery applications

Sea water resistant aluminum with aluminum frame

Automatic self-priming

Indefinite dry running

All types of light and heavy viscous oils and other liquids

User friendly

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