Lamor receives an order from Frøy for a reverse osmosis-based treatment solution for removing parasites from farmed salmon

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Norwegian shipping company Frøy has placed an order with Lamor for a reverse osmosis system to be retrofitted onto its vessel to produce fresh water to remove lice parasites from farmed salmon. The contract highlights Lamor’s stronger entry to Norwegian market, where the company has served for decades offering mainly oil spill response technology and preparedness competencies.

Lamor's reverse osmosis system will be delivered to Norway for installation in June. The equipment produces 125 cubic meters of fresh water per hour from seawater, and water production can begin on the journey to the fish farm. The required amount of fresh water for fish treatment is produced in six to eight hours. After treatment, the fish are released back into the cultivation bags in fjords.

Parasites are among salmons’ biggest health issues

One of the biggest health problems for farmed salmon in Norway is lice, which cause skin lesions exposing the fish to various infections. According to Norwegian law, fish must be treated if they have more than ten parasites. This issue has led to several measures to combat parasites.

The freshwater treatment is one of the gentlest on the fish. It makes parasites detach from the salmon.

Problems with freshwater treatment were solved

Frøy emphasized the reliability and technical sophistication of the system. "We believe that careful listening to customers has led us to develop a solution that is optimal for customer’s needs. The equipment will be mostly installed inside three containers mounted on deck. Some pre-filtration devices and pumps are installed in a small space under the deck, which required extremely precise planning”, says Petri Vänskä, Director of water and waste technologies at Lamor.

Frøy is a significant Norwegian shipping company that offers a wide range of services related to maritime transport and aquaculture, and charter vessels for example to fish farms.

"We are really pleased with this breakthrough in the Norwegian market. Norwegian aquaculture is highly concentrated, and shipping companies often own the entire operation chain, increasing the market potential for our advanced systems," anticipates Finn Nilsen, Lamor's sales manager in Norway. "Freshwater treatment is a very gentle and ecological way to remove parasites from salmon. It prevents the valuable food source and the resources used to grow it from being wasted."

After treatment, the water is filtered and returned to the sea.

The value of the contract exceeds one million euros, and it has been entered into Lamor’s order backlog on the first quarter of 2024.

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Petri Vänskä, Director, Material Recycling Technology, Lamor
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Finn Nilsen, Sales Manager, Lamor Norway
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