Mongla Port in Bangladesh will soon be fully equipped to protect rivers and oceans from waste and pollution

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Update from our Bangladesh environmental protection and waste management project: The two OSR vessels have made it safely to Mongla Port despite their prolonged route around Africa due to issues at the Red Sea.

The MARPOL vessel that will be used to collect all types of waste from the vessels, will be shipped after final sea trials in May. All shipments of the Port Reception Facility (PRF), manufactured by a Portuguese waste management solution provider Greenflow, are either already in Mongla or on their way. PRF will offer a high-end, sustainable solution for port waste management.

“Establishing the new site inside Mongla Port for the Port Reception Facility (PRF) is nearly finished, and the PRF system’s foundation construction work is about to start. The installation of the various systems is scheduled to begin during the summer, and we're on track to have everything wrapped up by October, with final acceptance in November. MPA will have the country's first-ever fully functioning and readily available, professional and state-of-the-art MARPOL Port Reception Facility, which will be a proud moment for Bangladesh", stated Stephen J. Reilly, Vice President Global Business for Lamor.

The impact from marine pollution of ocean-going vessels has become a growing concern due to the various types of waste they generate.

Mongla is the second largest port in the country. It is located in the delicate Bengal Delta, home to the majestic Bengal tiger.

Left, Lamor completed the training and commissioning of OSR equipment in February at Mongla Port. Right, PRF in 3D.

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