Lamor’s mission and philosophy consists of three parts: “let’s”, “clean” and “the world”. Each part of the sentence refers to an essential element of how Lamor operates.

The first word “let’s” emphasizes that Lamor’s mission is achieved together, through collaboration and teamwork. Lamor operates as a network of companies and people who all play an important role in solving different problems. By working together, the network can reach farther and achieve more than its individual members. The second word, “clean”, refers to what the Lamor network does. Part of the network works directly with boots on the ground, while other parts participate indirectly through different support functions. Finally, “the world” refers to Lamor’s global presence and holistic view of our mission. Lamor responds anywhere without boundaries based on politics, culture or religion. As a whole, the sentence spells out Lamor’s mission and enthusiasm for working together to make the world a better place!

Our Values

At Lamor we operate on the principles of passion, innovation and trust. Our passion, cleaning the world, is made possible through innovations such as the brush skimmer. However, we know that one innovation is not enough, that is why Lamor continuously strive to stay ahead of the curve by developing new methods and finding new solutions. Lamor’s network is founded on trust which fosters a culture of inclusion and effective communication that makes cleaning the world possible. We are proud of our mission and invite anyone who shares our values to join us!