Lamor expands global presence: Three market area leaders to drive business locally

26 January, 2023

Lamor has successfully completed the delivery of ten workboats to the European Maritime Safety ...

08 December, 2022

Lamor delivered an in-built oil recovery system to Endam - the first multipurpose large oil spill ...

24 August, 2022

Lamor and Metocean to collaborate on data driven trajectory tracking of marine pollution

23 June, 2022

Lamor works with major waste management projects in Ecuador

13 April, 2022

Lamor Improves Customer Service Level in Norway

17 January, 2022

Improving response capabilities through drills and exercises

13 January, 2022

HELCOM BALEX DELTA - Multinational oil spill response exercise

23 September, 2021

Lamor help ecological monitoring and protection of Boryslav in Ukraine

14 July, 2021

Lamor Wins Major Waste Management Contract in South America

30 April, 2021

Canada Takes Delivery of Lamor OSR Equipment from Griffin

23 April, 2021

Lamor ja Saudi-Arabian NCEC vahvistavat öljyntorjuntavalmiuksia

12 March, 2021

Lamor and NCEC of Saudi Arabia strengthen OSR capabilities in Red Sea.

12 March, 2021

Lamor Corporation Acquires License for Rapid Response HARBO Boom

08 March, 2021

Business Finland awarded Lamor's innovation-based business model.

21 December, 2020

Business Finland palkitsee Lamorin innovaatiolähtöistä liiketoiminta

21 December, 2020

Tilaa kasvosuojaimia COVID-19:ltä suojautumiseen

14 October, 2020

Environmental monitoring agreement signed with Boryslav City, Ukraine

01 October, 2020

Lamor offers high-quality masks to help protect against COVID-19

15 July, 2020

Lamor cleans up environmental incidents despite COVID-19 challenges

21 May, 2020

Joint Covid-19 response with Practical Action, Lamor Foundation, Lamor

28 April, 2020

Practical Action & Lamor Foundation declare war on plastics & poverty

24 April, 2020

Lamor opens an office in India to help with environmental services

21 April, 2020

Lamor to consolidate subsidiary Corena Group Ab to improve services

31 March, 2020

Romania receives new oil recovery vessel

24 March, 2020

Lamor maintains readiness to support OSR during COVID-19 outbreak

19 March, 2020

Lamor expands its expertise to Waste Management and Water Treatment

13 February, 2020

Lamor takes lead in implementing coworking model

22 January, 2019

Danish Defence receives Ultra Shallow Draft Landing Crafts

25 October, 2018

Lamor Corporation and Rosneft Sign Cooperation Agreement

30 April, 2018

Lamor Corporation and Meritaito agree on an asset acquisition

04 April, 2018

Lamor continues to develop its social responsibility presence in Peru

05 February, 2018

Lamor and Arctia Present Ice Management & Oil Recovery Project Results

30 March, 2017

Lamor Bolsters Oil Recovery Capacity at USAF Air Base in Okinawa

29 March, 2017

Guam’s Oil Spill Recovery Capacity Significantly Improved

20 March, 2017

MOS Demonstration in Halifax

28 February, 2017

Lamor Seahunters on Water and Ready for Delivery

02 June, 2016

Lamor takes part in Arctic oil spill response exercise by Gazprom Neft

27 April, 2016

Lamor & Arctia study the effectiveness of OSR applications in ice

05 April, 2016

Global Partnership with Egersund Group

16 March, 2016

Lamor & Markleen announce Global Partnership

11 March, 2016

Lamor HQ Move

17 December, 2015

Industrial Applications – case Finland

24 November, 2015

Lamor Peru Granted Oil Spill Response Operator License

24 November, 2015

Lamor Announces Investment in Ecuadorian Service Company Corena

31 January, 2015

Lamor delivers three oil recovery vessels to Transneft

30 January, 2015

Drills Boost Spill Preparedness and Readiness in China

28 January, 2015

Peruvian Pipeline Clean-up Operations

28 January, 2015

The Multipurpose Baltika – unique capabilities with ice-crushing hull

27 January, 2015

Lamor delivers six Workboats to the North Caspian Sea

25 January, 2015

Lamor Nearshore Workshop and Equipment Demo Days

20 January, 2015

Lamor Seahunter

11 January, 2015

All Hands On Deck – a clear vision and strategic focus

10 January, 2015

Advanced Oil Spill Response in Ice Course

10 January, 2015

Successful Simulated Arctic OSR Testing

10 January, 2015

Operation Ollie’s Folly

10 January, 2015

The New Trade Route – the northern seaway

10 January, 2015

Paldiski Port – Estonia and Finland joint oil spill exercise

10 January, 2015