Lamor's proven solutions address power plant and industrial facility risks

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Lamor, a top-tier provider of water intake and plant protection equipment, helped a Middle Eastern facility enhance the effectiveness of their spill prevention system. By addressing challenges such as heightened vessel traffic and contaminants infiltrating intake and cooling water zones, Lamor ensured not only the plant's safety but also the well-being of the surrounding environment and communities.


A Middle Eastern plant's management approached Lamor to improve their spill protection system, which faced numerous risks, including escalating vessel traffic, potential terrorist threats, and possible severe repercussions for the city and country in the event of a shutdown.

Additional concerns encompassed pollutants infiltrating intake and cooling water areas, debris blockages, and harm to marine life. The plant's intake process posed various challenges such as high maintenance, limited access, stringent security, sensitive zones, strong currents, and diverse debris. All these demanded swift action despite limited staff and time constraints.


Lamor provided reliable and proven plant protection solutions, including security booms for perimeter defense, permanent booms for oil spill prevention, and offshore booms for water intake zones. These solutions feature highly durable components, resistance to extreme weather, and marine growth inhibitors. They demand minimal maintenance, boast unique registered designs for public safety, and enable swift deployment with limited personnel. Lamor's resilient equipment and engineering are specifically tailored for challenging environments and permanent installations.

“Lamor's proven and effective solutions have contributed to a safer and more sustainable environment, benefiting not only the plant and its operations but also the surrounding communities and ecosystems,” says Markus Nystedt, Technical Director at Lamor.


Lamor's efficient plant protection solutions successfully reduced risks associated with rising vessel traffic, contaminants infiltrating intake and cooling water areas, debris, and damage to fish and other aquatic species. With Lamor's equipment, power plants, desalination facilities, and industrial installations can guarantee the security of their operations and the preservation of the surrounding environment.

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