Lamor's Oil Spill Response Exercises: Equipping Responders for Effective Marine Pollution Management

Impact Studies 1300x860 60 Haliburton Lamor oil spill response exercise

At Lamor, we understand the importance of being ready for pollution incidents. We offer education and training to guarantee that trained personnel possess the required knowledge and abilities to adeptly handle such situations.


A crucial element of our training programme is carrying out oil spill response drills and exercises. These simulations replicate an oil spill event, enabling responders to refine their skills and expertise and assess the efficacy of equipment and response tactics.

We conducted such a drill with a customer in the Arabian Gulf region. The aim was to conduct the safe deployment of oil containment booms, skimming systems, and temporary storage tanks. Furthermore, we practised using booms for oil recovery and discussed the significance of waste management and contamination.


The exercise was designed as a training session rather than an actual incident, enabling responders to gain a deeper understanding of equipment deployment and usage. This complemented the classroom and theoretical sessions provided to the participants beforehand.

Prior to the exercise, an extensive safety briefing was delivered, addressing all aspects of the Job Safety Analysis (JSA). Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) was required to be worn at all times. At the staging site, tasks were allocated to ensure everyone was clear on their roles and responsibilities.

Throughout the exercise, participants collaborated to effectively encircle a vessel secured at the berth using booms. The deployment of the sorbent boom demonstrated as a secondary response strategy that all objectives were achieved, and the exercise was successfully completed.

“At Lamor, we remain committed to providing comprehensive learning experiences for emergency preparedness and response. Through ongoing training and practice, we can continue to improve our response strategies and minimize the impact of marine pollution incidents on the environment and local communities,“ says David Cook, Vice President Emergency Response at Lamor.


Following the exercise, a thorough debrief took place, with lessons learned documented. This enabled everyone to pinpoint areas for enhancement, improvement and making required adjustments to response strategies.

The success of this exercise can largely be attributed to outstanding teamwork from all participants. By conducting such training exercises, we can guarantee that responders possess the essential skills and knowledge to effectively tackle marine pollution incidents.

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