Lamor Oil Spill Response Equipment Goes Electric

Going in the electric, clean-energy direction for equipment operations is growing more and more important not only for our clients but also for us at Lamor. While a majority of our OSR equipment still runs on diesel fuel, we also have a set of equipment that runs off electricity and even some solar-powered.

The demand for electrically operated equipment has been on the rise lately. Reasons for this influx in green requests could possibly be trendiness, but more likely it’s just for the practical reasons this type of equipment can provide. Electric options typically have fewer maintenance requirements and also offer fewer emissions. In locations with electricity available, electrical-driven equipment requires less additional components than a diesel-hydraulic powersource. For these reasons, of course having a quiet electrical boom reel on a pier is the more attractive option versus using a noisy diesel unit to power it, but that is an option only if you easily have electricity available.
Debris ConveyorLamor does offer some solar-operated units which bring great freedom as there is no need to be connected to an electrical grid. The solar-driven debris conveyors Lamor has built and operated have performed quite nicely for the applications they were designed for.

While multiple pieces of Lamor equipment could be electrically operated in the future, as of now, to guarantee a 24/7 independent operation, traditional diesel-hydraulic is the way to go. However, electrical and solar-powered systems are definitely on the rise to become more common and Lamor is at the forefront of these efforts.

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