Buying vs. Renting Lamor Oil Spill Response Equipment

Rune Hogstrom 18 June, 2020
Equipment training is a natural part of the total services Lamor offers.

If you deal with large amounts of oil, it is responsible to be prepared for possible oil spills and to have oil-spill response equipment on-site. But should your company rent or own the equipment? How do the options from Lamor compare?

Know your options

In order to be prepared for possible oil spill response accidents, Lamor provides options for buying and renting high-quality equipment. The majority of Lamor´s clients traditionally choose to buy oil spill response equipment. However, following Lamor’s growth in the provision of on-site support and services, during the past years, the share of equipment rental has grown. The rental or sales process of oil spill response equipment is mainly dictated by the needs of the client.

Regardless of whether the client is interested in renting or buying equipment, Lamor works closely with the customer to find a cost-efficient solution according to the client’s requirements which may also include training, consultancy, planning or installation. In some cases, the products being considered (specifically oil transfer pumps, industrial skimmers and small purpose-built skimmer packages) are supplied to the client for testing and approval. In these kind of test situations, the customer can choose later if they want to purchase the product or amend the requirements to assure system success. The client is nearly always satisfied as we work together to match their requirements and operating environment with the best-suited products.

Lamor Equipment

Buying is the most popular alternative

For many clients, having their own oil spill response equipment is mandatory according to their contingency or emergency response plan. Being prepared for unexpected oil spill emergencies is also about taking responsibility for the environment. When buying oil spill response equipment, it is important to purchase as soon as possible to make sure the equipment is on-site when required, as freight and importation procedures can often cause delays. This also allows adequate time for Lamor service engineers to work with the client, providing training in operating and maintaining the equipment on-site. Furthermore, purchasing early helps assure that the client gains the best performance from the products.Lamor EquipmentLamor reel and skimmers in container.

Renting offsets CAPEX

The rental packages provided are usually for clients who have short-term operations. For example, this could be for a drilling campaign, or another situation where the client is unsure of a long-term requirement for the equipment. Often, the solution is to outsource the equipment, services, training and related matters to Lamor. Renting is also beneficial when a customer wants to manage their capital expenditure and or be sure they have the best package for their operating needs and environment.

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The right solution for you

As a customer-centric and high-quality service company, Lamor always takes time to understand the needs and expectations of our clients. A close collaboration will develop the best solution for the clients' requirements and operating environment, as well as to ensure success for both parties and develop long-term working partnerships. Therefore, the best solution is different in all cases. We encourage you to contact Lamor and send us your request at the earliest opportunity to make sure you have sufficient oil spill response equipment and know-how on-site, for when it may be needed.

Rental or purchase? - Lamor has the solution for you!

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