Rune's career story at Lamor

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Rune's journey with Lamor started in 1997 when he learned about the company through Bent and Fred Larsen. The idea of working for a company that was starting to grow internationally intrigued him, and he joined the company as one of six people.

Over the years, Rune's career at Lamor has been quite diverse. He has held various positions, starting as a project manager in 1997 and eventually becoming the COO in 2011, and in 2020 became the Head of OSR BU. In addition to his leadership roles, Rune has also worked as a key account salesperson for some of Lamor's main customers.

Throughout his time at Lamor, Rune has learned the importance of putting the customer first and being honest about what the company can deliver. He has also been surprised by the team spirit at Lamor and the company's ability to work with people from different cultures around the world.

Rune describes his team and closest colleagues as dedicated and committed to finding the best solutions for customers and protecting the environment. For him, the best thing about working at Lamor is having the opportunity to develop and decide what he does, and the reward of seeing satisfied customers.

When asked for advice for someone considering a job at Lamor, Rune suggests starting with an open mind and studying information about the company on the web. He also recommends asking experienced colleagues for advice, as they can offer valuable insights and assistance.

As a Lamorian, Rune is proud to have been part of the company's growth from a regional player to a global leader in the industry. Lamor's innovative solutions and services are making a positive impact on the world, and Rune is proud to have been part of that journey.

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