Manel's career story at Lamor: from project management to Product Line Head

Manel Fernandez Web 2024 Large

Starting as a director of a project in Kuwait and having previously partnered with Lamor in Ecuador, Manel's journey at Lamor began in July 2021. He describes his time with Lamor as an exciting experience where he has been able to develop new skills and knowledge while working on one of the most challenging projects of his career. In May 2024, Manel was promoted to Director of Material Recycling product line - well deserved!

Adapting to new environments and cultures and responding quickly to challenges are two of the key things Manel has learned while working at Lamor. He also emphasizes the open communication at all levels, which has surprised him despite the company's exponential growth.

Manel describes his colleagues as a great team of professionals who make working under pressure easier. He sees the opportunity to take a holistic approach to environmental solutions at Lamor as a luxury not to be missed, offering a chance to develop both professionally and personally.

Finally, Manel takes pride in Lamor's mission to #letscleantheworld, and joining efforts to achieve this ambitious goal is a source of pride for him as a Lamorian. "Joining efforts to achieve it is a source of pride and worth every drop of sweat shed."

Overall, Manel's story highlights the exciting opportunities and positive experiences that come with working at Lamor.

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