Lamor provides expertise coupled with solutions which protect the environment and our ecosystems. Aiming to clean the world, Lamor operates and spreads its influence in three business lines:

Oil Spill Response, Waste Management and Water Treatment.

The company provides equipment and services to 104 countries while more than 1,000 vessel-mounted systems have been delivered to customers worldwide.


The Lamor brand is based on the delivery and reliability of high-quality products and solutions which are effective and efficient. High performance, innovative technologies and service are the cornerstones of our brand. Working in partnership with our customers is a driving force for successfully maintaining Lamor’s leading position in the market. The Lamor brand reflects the values of the company.

From our inception Lamor has worked to clean the world. Our proven technologies and expertise in oil spill response has now been expanded into waste management and water treatment. We believe that sustainability is a team effort, and we work with our clients and partners to bring the best solutions to tackle the challenges facing us today.