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We provide our customers with end-to-end environmental solutions, tailored to your needs in your own operating environment. Our solutions can include both technology and service aspects. We also support our customers’ journey toward a cleaner tomorrow with turnkey models such as operating a solution as a service. 


Based on our experience, the best results are achieved through collaboration and shared positive impact. With the extensive Lamor global network and local partnerships, we offer you global best practices with deep local expertise – in a way that produces true value for all stakeholders.


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Environmental Protection

Lamor provides solutions to Environmental protection for all kinds of organizations. Ranging from oil spill response to environmental risk management, we are here to support you in protecting the environment. Based on your need, we provide you with the solution that fits best your operating environment - including technology and services, and up to operating your oil spill response capability as a service.


Material Recycling - Waste

Aiming to clean the world, Lamor provides solutions ranging from the recycling of excess raw materials (such as plastics or waste oil) to the remediation of contaminated sites. We are here to support you in the journey toward a cleaner tomorrow.


Material Recycling - Water

Lamor water treatment solutions are used in various industries, ports, and municipalities. We provide water purification solutions for potable water production and for wastewater treatment. From our portfolio, you can find solutions such as reverse osmosis systems, containerized drinking water plants, water intake protection booms, and legionella disinfection systems.


At Lamor, we cater to complete environmental solutions tailored to the individual needs of each customer in any location. We provide expertise, equipment, and solutions for all climatic conditions from arctic to arid, Mediterranean, and subtropical climates. Our customers are mainly oil and gas or heavy industries, port authorities, and manufactories. We also serve pharmaceutical and municipal waste management, and food manufactories.


End-to-end solutions for environmental services


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