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We provide our customers with end-to-end environmental solutions, including equipment and services. But the real results are achieved through pioneering technology, expertise and collaboration.


We supply our customers with equipment used in oil spill response, waste management, and water treatment. We also provide environmental services and solutions around oil spill cleanups, response and prevention, hazardous and non-hazardous waste management, tailored water treatment, as well as the equipment needed to carry them out.


With the support of our vast local partner network, we’re able to offer diverse end-to-end solutions that bring together the combined resources, technology, skills and expertise of Lamor and our partner network in the most powerful and efficient way possible.

Oil Spill Response

To protect the environment, Lamor has been developing oil spill response products and practices for over 30 years. Lamor has a full range of oil spill response equipment for sale and rental. Our globally distributed equipment inventories and network enable a professional emergency response in any location. Other services related to the OSR system include training, consultancy, pipeline monitoring and subvac solutions.


Waste Management

From drill cuttings and oil sludge treatment to port waste reception facilities and transportation of hazardous waste, Lamor offers total waste management services as a natural part of our passion for cleaning the world. Together with the customer, we design suitable and cost-effective solutions for upstream oil and gas, downstream petrochemicals and refining, manufacturing and production, utilities, and the public sector.


Water Treatment

Lamor water treatment solutions are used in various industries, ports, and municipalities. We provide water purification solutions for potable water production and for waste water treatment. From our portfolio, you can find solutions such as: reverse osmosis systems, containerized drinking water plants, water intake protection booms, and legionella disinfection systems.


At Lamor, we cater to complete environmental solutions tailored to the individual needs of each customer in any location. We provide expertise, equipment, and solutions for all climatic conditions from arctic to arid, Mediterranean, and subtropical climates. Our customers are mainly oil and gas or heavy industries, port authorities, and manufactories. We also serve pharmaceutical and municipal waste management, and food manufactories.


End-to-end solutions for environmental services


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