Lamor – Larsen Marin Oil Recovery – was established in 1982 as a specialized, family-owned shipyard in Finland. The key breakthrough that directed the future course of the company was an elegantly simple technology invented by Lamor to recover oil from maritime spills: the brush skimmer. This invention established the framework for Lamor’s core philosophy: develop the simplest and most efficient technical responses to our customers’ individual oil spill challenges, anywhere in the world. The success of this corporate philosophy is evident in Lamor’s global reach.


Today Lamor has a presence in 104 countries and has 430 employees. The company meets the needs of approximately 40% of the global oil spill response market. As a solution provider, Lamor assesses a client’s response needs, engineers the most effective solution, and assumes overall management of projects, working with the best possible local partners on project execution, worldwide. Thanks to this “globally local” approach, the Lamor brand has become synonymous with the highest quality and most effective solutions available in global environmental challenges, waste management and water treatment.


The Lamor History
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