RemTech Europe 2024

syysk. 18 - syysk. 20,2024

Ferrara Fiere, Italy

Rem Tech event2024

RemTech 2024 is being held on 18 – 20 September at Ferrara Fiere, Italy and is a premier international event focused on remediation and sustainable development solutions.

RemTech Expo stands as the leading international gathering dedicated to land protection and sustainable development, addressing remediation of contaminated sites, coastal and port areas, hydrogeological risks, climate change, seismic activity, urban renewal, and sustainable chemical practices.

Meet Lamor at Pavilion 3

RemTech Expo serves as a distinctive global platform concentrating on remediation, climate adaptation, and sustainable industrial practices. It facilitates engagement between governmental bodies, private enterprises, and research establishments through technical symposiums, networking opportunities, and collaborative ventures.

Join us at RemTech 2024 and visit our experts for remediation discussions. Discover our large remediation projects in Kuwait, Ecuador and Chile among others. Secure your spot today to be at the forefront of insights shared by us and leading experts, detailing methods for soil remediation, large-scale land revegetation, and environmental cleanup strategies. We look forward to connecting with you!

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