Remote Controlled Seagoing Drone X1

The Lamor Remote Controlled Seagoing Drone, Troll X1, is a next-generation, sea surface robot that can control and move a variety of different tools and equipment deployed in the water. The Troll Drone simplifies water operations improving user control and equipment capabilities while increasing safety. The Drone is intended for shoreline and harbor oil spill clean-up operations although it can be used in a variety of other scenarios. It is designed to push, pull or hold equipment in position and is operated by a compact, handheld remote control with an operational range up to 100 meters (328 feet). The system is also equipped with dynamic positioning GPS functions that allow users to program routes, waypoints and engage spot lock (digital anchoring). With a hull consisting of welded polyethylene (PEHD 300), the Drone is driven by an electric thruster with 360° of rotation providing optimum control. Combined with precise speed control, the Drone can be maneuvered accurately in narrow spaces and can hold equipment in place when currents and waves are present. The system is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts for 8-hours. Located within an easily accessed waterproof compartment inside the drone, the battery can be quickly replaced permitting continuous use for extended operations and heavy use. Oil spill response applications include boom deployment/retrieval; boom towing into operation, in a U or J sweep configuration (when a secondary Drone is implemented); remote boom vane operations; and skimmer deployment/retrieval and operations. The Drone is designed to work with varying equipment connections making it possible to equip your pre-existing equipment.

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Technical Specifications
1600mm / 63 in
600 mm / 23.6 in
70 kg / 154 lbs
0-4 Knots
Thruster Power
1 hp (25kg/55 lbs pull)
Energy Consumption (normal operations)
10 Amp/h
12 volt, 140 Amp/h Capacity
Remote Control Range
100 m / 328 ft
Hull Material
Welded Polyetylen PEHD 300
Special Features

Remote controlled

Portable & light-weight

Multi-purpose applications

Robust body

Easy to clean

360° thruster rotation

Dynamic positioning GPS

100 m range

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