Lamor's equipment is divided into two main business lines: Oil spill response and Water treatment. The service lines support each other and make it possible for Lamor to offer our customers comprehensive environmental solutions for different situations and conditions.

Oil Spill Response

To protect the environment, Lamor has been developing oil spill response products and practices for over 30 years. Lamor has a full range of oil spill response equipment for sale and rental. Our globally distributed equipment inventories and network enable a professional emergency response in any location.

Oil Spill Response Equipment

Water Treatment

Lamor water treatment solutions are used in various industries, ports, and municipalities. We provide water purification solutions for potable water production and for waste water treatment. From our portfolio, you can find solutions such as: reverse osmosis systems, containerized drinking water plants, water intake protection booms, and legionella disinfection systems.

Water Treatment Equipment

At Lamor, we cater to complete environmental solutions tailored to the individual needs of each customer in any location. We provide expertise, equipment and solutions for all climatic conditions from arctic to arid, Mediterranean, and subtropical climates. Our customers are mainly oil and gas or heavy industries, port authorities, and manufactories. We also serve pharmaceutical and municipal waste management, and food manufactories.


End-to-end solutions for environmental services


Lamor Solutions Teaser


Lamor's service lines are closely interconnected, which allows us to design customized solutions with the customer. With our extensive network and globally local approach, we meet our customers’ requirements with high quality and cost-effective solutions. In the picture, you can see how our services complement each other.



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