Lamor Corporation Plc – Managers' transactions – Johan Grön

Lamor Corporation Plc            Managers' transactions               18 June 2024 at 1:30 p.m. EEST

Lamor Corporation Plc – Managers' transactions – Johan Grön 


Person subject to the notification requirement 

Name: Johan Grön

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Issuer: Lamor Corporation Oyj

LEI: 7437003R88R5QOCMFQ82


Reference number: 66526/9/6


Transaction date: 2024-06-17


Instrument type: SHARE

ISIN: FI4000512488

Nature of the transaction: ACQUISITION

Transaction details  

(1): Volume: 71400 Unit price: 2.1 EUR

Aggregated transactions  

(1): Volume: 71400 Volume weighted average price: 2.1 EUR


Further information 

Johanna Grönroos, CSO, Lamor Corporation Plc 
Tel. +358 400 741 075

Lamor in brief 

Lamor is one of the world’s leading providers of environmental solutions. For four decades, we have worked to clean up and prevent environmental incidents on land and at sea.

Environmental protection, soil remediation and material recycling: Our innovative technologies, services and tailored solutions, ranging from oil spill response, waste management and water treatment to soil remediation and plastic recycling, benefit customers and environments all over the world.

We are capable of vast and fast operations thanks to our connected ecosystem of local partners, steered by our experts. We have over 600 employees in more than 20 countries. In 2023, our turnover was 123 million euros.   Lamor's share is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki (ticker: LAMOR). Further information:

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